Platform and Pension Transfers

Actuare's solution for customer account transfers, called Account Transfers, enables platforms, wealth managers and pension providers to efficiently transfer client assets. This may be in from other providers or out to them. The solution supports transferring a variety of wrappers, including ISAs, SIPPs and other pension products within the United Kingdom as well as general client portfolios.

Client assets can either be transferred in-specie or encashed and paid over. Most asset classes are supported, including investment funds and CREST registered securities, along with possible custody and unit class conversion of the same.

Account Transfers fully complies with the latest industry requirements and market practice standards. Indeed, Acuare has helped shape the industry solution from the outset and is a long standing member of TISA Exchange Limited (TeX) and the UK Electronic Transfers and Re-registration Group. We have responded to the Transfers and Re-registration Industry Group (TRIG) consultation, and we are keeping abreast of industry developments. The ABI, AMPS, BBA, IA, PIMFA, TISA and the UK Platform Group setup the consultation in late 2016 to improve pensions and investment transfers and re-registrations.

Automation 'step by step'

Account Transfers enables users to progress step-by-step to an automated solution depending upon their business needs. For example, users can start with electronic records and develop automation with other participants as those participants and associated processes come on-board. Additionally, users can add on different levels of integration, in order to use in-house data, achieve end-to-end automation and meet specific objectives.

Account Transfers can additionally be used to extend a user's preferred transfers system. For example, this could allow retention of existing modules within a platform system, whilst employing Actuare to look after messaging and connectivity. This includes keeping messages up-to-date with the current market practice and ensuring interoperability with other users.


Actuare collaborates with the other TeX solution providers to agree interaction and perform interoperability testing. Account Transfers is interoperable with their solutions using ISO 20022 over SWIFTNet Funds. Additionally, we can offer support for future and legacy versions of the market practice and alternative methods of communication.

Pension transfers - Actuare is working to help improve pensions transfers through our participation in the TRIG consultation. We hope this will bring about an open standards approach to pensions transfers like what we have for Stocks & Shares ISAs.

Cash ISAs - We can offer solutions and hope that the industry will bridge the world of TeX for Stocks & Shares ISAs with the world of Bacs for Cash ISAs.