In the same way you can pick up the telephone and call anyone anywhere, Interconnect makes it straightforward for Actuare customers to connect with firms globally.

Actuare customers are able to connect with one another and reach participants at other neworks, and be reached by them. The managed service currently provides interconnectivity with a number of service providers across different networks.

The result is that it is much more straightforward for you. Actuare deals with all the underlying complications of interconnect agreements, interoperability, physical connections and testing, and ensures the highest possible standards in security and reliability. In return, you pay a simple subscription fee based upon your volumes and the kind of service options which you require.

Funds messaging

Actuare's Interconnect Service provides a secure connectivity option for transfer agents and distributors. This is primary aimed at using ISO 20022 and ISO 15022 funds messages across various transports, and covers funds order routing, statements, distributions, transfers and conversions.

TISA Exchange Limited (TeX)

As part of Actuare's solutions for transfers, re-registration and share class conversions for members of TeX, the Interconnect Service is used to provide interconnectivity with participants at the following service providers:

  • Altus
  • Calastone
  • Origo
  • SWIFT (for participants directly connected through SWIFT)

This involves extensive interoperability testing with the other TeX Development Partners and member firms. The TeX Development Partners Council typically meets quarterly.

Other business areas

The Interconnect Service additionally caters for a number of other business areas. These include order routing, payments and foreign exchange, custody and direct securities settlement. We have a strong focus on ISO 20022 for payments and funds, and on FIX for front office trading. We also continue to support older ISO 15022 and SWIFT FIN standards.

Additional networks

The Interconnect Service provides a secure and efficient method for on-boarding institutional customers or communicating with counterparties.

Actuare is always considering opportunities to extend the Interconnect Service. If you would like us to provide access to a particular network or you would be interested in interconnecting with our customers, please get in contact.