Financial Messaging Standards

Actuare specialises in a number of financial messaging standards, the most common ones being FIX, FpML and ISO. We are experts in these standards, and our products support and are maintained for various usages of them. We participate in a number of standards organisations and working groups, which helps us to improve the messaging standards and stay ahead in our work.


The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol is the industry standard for electronic trading. It is used by asset managers worldwide to connect to brokers and order routing networks, and by market participants to connect to exchanges and trading venues. It is further used for asset allocation and reporting as well as more recently for derivatives trade reporting, for example, to Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs).

Actuare has been involved with FIX for over a decade as a member of the FIX Trading Community, providing our FIX engine products, and in the development of a number of order and execution management systems. The FIX Trading Community owns, maintains and develops FIX through the collaborative efforts of its member firms. We provide two efficient FIX message engine products: one is our high performance general purpose engine called FIXeed; and the other is our EMX Interface product which is tailored for market participants to connect to Euroclear EMX.


The Financial Products Markup Language (FpML) is the language to use for electronic dealing and processing of OTC derivatives. The XML standard, developed under the auspices of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), is highly flexible and allows derivatives products and their events to be fully described and communicated for the complete lifecycle of each product.

Actuare has worked with FpML for a number of investment banks as part of modelling complex products, events and reference data. We have helped build canonical data models for a number of organisations and have provided modelling tools and specialised meta models together with features to assist in model management, release and governance. Our products are also useful to securely exchange FpML messages with counterparties and trade repositories.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is responsible for the ISO 20022 messaging standard and its earlier cousin ISO 15022.

Actuare is involved in a number of ISO 20022 industry initiatives, and continues to assist companies with ISO 15022. A number of our products provide ISO 20022 messaging, acting as a secure gateway system with a variety of communication options.

Other standards

Actuare additionally works with a number of other industry standards, including CREST and Euroclear EMX.