Interface for Euroclear EMX

When we refer to "EMX" on this page and in other places on this website, we mean the EMX Message System, which is owned and operated by Euroclear UK & Ireland ( "EMX" is a registered trademark of Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited.

Actuare's Interface for Euroclear EMX (our EMX Interface) provides a low cost direct connection to the EMX Message System, while maintaining the high level of security and reliability that is required in an external interface.


The EMX Interface software is designed specifically for use with EMX. This enables EMX participants to quickly link to the EMX system and to efficiently process orders and valuations.

The product works as a gateway system and is intuitive and easy to use. Support is provided for all EMX messages types, and message processing is simplified by, for example, matching and storing acknowledgements with each original message. The system is highly scalable and handles multiple connections to EMX and sending on behalf of other participants for consolidators and third party administrators. A complete audit trail is further provided.

Rapid application integration

The EMX Interface is supplied with ready-made adapters, which facilitate rapid and straightforward application integration. Actuare can also work with you to implement bespoke interfaces.

The EMX Interface provides support for EMX TSV (Tab Separated Value) record formats. This helps customers quickly migrate from manually uploading and downloading files. Actuare also provides tailored solutions for XML and other message formats.

EMX messaging expertise

Actuare consultants have in-depth knowledge about how to connect to EMX and can provide project management, business analysis and systems integration services. We also help customers with their controls and procedures, security and disaster recovery planning.