Pousto provides an efficient electronic system for managing foreign exchange orders.

The system was created as a result of Actuare modelling the buy-side workflows across the front office, dealing and settlements for FX accommodation deals.

FX workflows

Pousto facilitates simple FX order management and includes:

  • Order passing
  • Dealing (with assignment)
  • Matching
  • Netting and settlement

A solid platform for operations

Pousto is a flexible framework for order management and transaction processing. As a computing platform, it incorporates an easy-to-use user interface, secure access and full audit trails. The system is scalable and can be configured in a number of ways depending upon the level of resilience that you require.

The name "pou sto" comes from the reputed saying of Archimedes, "Give me where I may stand and I will move the whole world with my steelyard". It means a place to stand upon and, hence, a foundation or basis for operations.

Archimedes Lever